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Get to Know The Bent Reed Band!

Hello Music Lovers! I started playing clarinet in 7th grade, throughout highschool, and also in church. I stopped playing music for many years, but always loved it and always had it in my heart. In 2002 I bought a harmonica (and paid way too much for it) and a couple of months later started attending blues jams in the Seattle area. A few months after that I teamed up with a guitar player and started performing as a singer and harmonicist in a duo. Eventually adding a drummer and then a bass player and began performing as a band (Bent Reed & Co.) all over the greater Seattle area and beyond. My band stayed & played together for over 4 years, I eventually left Seattle and traveled up and down the west coast, stopping and staying in Portland, OR. many times. Great city with a great music scene and many fine musicians too. I learned SO MUCH from the blues circle in Seattle & Portland, which I am truly grateful for. They spoiled me too. I left there assuming that blues circles everywhere would be just as talented and as knowledgeable as they were in the PNW! I learned the hard way that this is not the case! My ultimate goal is to continue writing original tunes, have them recorded, some by others, and some for my own band, then sharing it with music lovers around the world. I love good music, and I believe that good music loves me! If you're ever in the Nashville area, please let me know! My band & I play regularly at the two biggest/best blues clubs in town, Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar (in world famous Printers Alley) and B.B. Kings, both downtown Nashville, TN. We also host a Pro Blues Jam every Friday night at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, from 9PM to 12:30 AM! Don't be shy, stop in and say hi! If you're a player, bring your instrument and jam with us!